The key discussions and discoveries at the Africa Business Summit are centered around how to boost the capacity of Africa-based business leaders to deliver better performance for their businesses in a speedy but sustainable way. The event focuses on the key topical issues of how to enhance entrepreneurship, innovation and technology adoption and how to make businesses more agile and sustainable in Africa at this high level conference and networking forum.


How can African countries increase their entrepreneurship potential to create better jobs, boost economies?

At Africa Business Summit, we seek to turn ordinary, simple ideas into bankable business opportunities for the growing population in Africa – where millions of jobs must be created by 2030 as population grows. By bringing together seasoned business leaders together with star-ups and innovators, the Summit bridges the knowledge and networking gap that exists in the region, boosting the adoption of tried and tested entrepreneurship and business management skills across the industry. Focus is placed around the infusion of fresh ideas to young and upcoming businesses and those run by youth and women across Africa.


How can businesses boost their innovations pipeline to meet changing consumer trends?

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How can African businesses utilise technology to boost performance, efficiency and trade?

The adoption of appropriate technologies is vital to the future prosperity of businesses and communities in Africa. As the next wave of new technologies including blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and many others join the fray, the Africa Business Summit delves deeper to enable the attendees to grasp the nitty-gritties of the latest technologies and how they can adopt them to drive efficiency and profitability in their companies. 


How can businesses in Africa contribute to a cleaner, more equal, prosperous and sustainable future of the Continent?

Africa stands at a cross roads when it comes to sustainability. As the rest of the world fast-tracks the adoption of green solutions (e.g. electric cars, recyclable and reusable packaging etc), Africa still grapples with poverty and lack of vital resources including power, water and other essentials. At Africa Business Summit, the creation of sustainable businesses and communities is at the heart of the agenda: from ways to boost agricultural production to feed increasing populations while taking care of the environment, to urban living in the face of rising urbanisation, to new mobility solutions and technologies that will deliver a greener and cleaner future in the Continent.